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Premira® Disposable Microfiber Mop Pads

Disposable microfiber mop pads for maximum cleaning and uniform chemical application.

The truth is that microfiber only works well the first time it’s used. After that, it’s a magnet for nastiness! Contec® Premira® Disposable Microfiber Pads produce a superior clean every time!

Premira® Disposable Microfiber Pads provide superior dirt and debris removal compared to reusable textiles like cotton or laundered microfiber mops. Premira® Pads eliminate cross-contamination risks with a new pad for each use. Contec products are designed to be compatible with most existing mop hardware available on the market, allowing them to easily fit into any facility’s supply chain and cleaning protocols.

Premira® disposable microfiber pads are bleach-safe, 100% synthetic, and will not neutralize quat or peroxide based disinfectants. The pads provide simplified logistics and minimal storage footprint compared to laundry operations.

Why Premira works

Eliminate Bacterial Cross-Contamination
Patients are not at risk from residual bacteria being spread after poor laundering.

Allows Chemicals to Do Their Job
Won’t neutralize cleaning and/or disinfectant actives. Releases fluids evenly and promotes consistent dwell times.

Superior Cleaning
Floors are demonstrably cleaner and brighter (ATP and gloss meter results).

Eliminate Residual Contamination
Relaundered mops redeposit dirt and residual soap which leaves dingy floors.

Improved Operator Engagement and Compliance
Lighter, ergonomic design and cleaner, more efficient cleaning experience.

Consistent, Efficient Process
Eliminate all the steps and logistics involved in getting mops to/from laundry, sorting, washing, and drying.

See the Difference
Literally! Clean, white disposable mops eliminate the need for color coding and results are immediately visible to the operator.

Electronics Safe
Relaundered microfiber may contain sand, grit, and contamination which will damage sensitive electronic screens.

Reduces Costs
Proven to consume less chemicals, water, energy, and LABOR!

Keep Floors Shining

Extends the life of floor finish by removing built-up residue from dirty floors. PREMIRA® microfiber improves floor gloss and shine.

Dust Ceilings

Our light-weight mop reduces user fatigue and is easily maneuvered to be used as an alternative to traditional high dusters for ceilings.

The Complete Premira® Mop System

The Complete PREMIRA® Mop System

For improved function, labor efficiency, and ergonomic ease, use with Contec’s hardware.

The ZeroGravity™ Mop Head Frame is lightweight and eliminates the risk of contaminated, nasty looking hardware because it is disposable. The mop head frame ensures that the mop pad is applied to the floor with 100% consistent pressure for even use of the cleaning surface, unlike traditional hardware with hook and loop strips. Uniform liquid distribution allows disinfectant dwell times to be properly achieved and the speedier evaporation reduces slip hazards. Our featherweight aluminum handle completes the system by reducing user fatigue. 

When paired with The Premira® Mop hardware, our disposable microfiber floor pads give each floor cleaning a fresh start. The disposable microfiber pads change the game for janitorial cleaning supplies because there is no longer a need to deal with the hassle of confusing and complicated laundry contracts or in-house laundry supply. 

Contec’s tools will improve labor efficiency. Saving you time and money, while providing superior cleanliness! 

Product Information
Part No. Description size Packaging Sample
Part No. PRMM0001 Description Premira® Disposable Microfiber Pads Size 5 x 19” (13 x 48cm) Packaging 20/bundle
12 bundles/case
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Part No. PRMM0001B Description Laundry-Free™ Premira® II Microfiber Pad Size 5 x 19” (13 x 48cm) Packaging 20/bundle
32 bundles/bag
8 bags/case (5120/cs)
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Part No. PRMM01BG Description Laundry-Free™ Premira® II Microfiber Pad Size 5 x 19” (13 x 48cm) Packaging 20 per bag
12 bags per case (240/cs)
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Part No. PRMM0480 Description Laundry-Free™ Premira® II Microfiber Pad Size 5 x 19” (13 x 48cm) Packaging 20/bundle
24 bundles/cs (480/cs)
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Part No. PRMH8005 Description ZeroGravity™ Mop Head Frame, blue Size 17.5” (44 x 5cm) Packaging 6 frames/case Add Sample
Part No. PRMH8002 Description ZeroGravity™ Aluminum handle Size 58” (147cm) Packaging 1/case Request Information
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