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Premira® II Selvage String Mop

Absorbs spills and traps loose debris

Repurposed from Laundry-FreePremira® II microfiber post-industrial material, the Selvage String Mop is designed to help clean areas where large volumes of liquids and debris can occur on floors. The Laundry-Free design discourages redistribution of dirty mop water and reduces cross-contamination risks. Use Laundry-Free Premira II Microfiber Pads afterwards to help disinfect, deep clean and maintain floors.



  • Made from Laundry-Free Premira® microfiber, providing excellent pickup of dirt, hair, and small debris
  • Absorbs more than traditional grossing mops
  • Ideal for ORs, High Irrigation Cases, Labor & Delivery, and other high volume spill areas
  • Brick-packed for optimized storage
  • Follow up with Laundry-Free Premira® II Microfiber Pads for deep cleaning and maintenance
Product Information
Part No. Description size Packaging Sample
Part No. PRMH1005 Description ZeroGravity™ QuickChange claw mop connector Size 9.75” (25cm) Packaging 1 each/case Request Information
Part No. PRMH1020 Description ZeroGravity™ QuickChange touchless claw mop connector Size 13.5” (33cm) Packaging 1 each/case Request Information
Part No. PRMH8013 Description ZeroGravity™ QuickChange aluminum handle with z-clip connector Size 58” (147cm) Packaging 1 each/case Request Information
Part No. PRMM4003 Description Premira II Selvage String Mop Size 10 oz. Packaging 1 mop/bag
24 bags/case
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