Premira® Microfiber HighDuster Covers

Disposable covers for high cleaning applications.

Disposable Premira® II Microfiber HighDuster Covers, designed to easily fit over most dusting wands, reduce fiber shedding and provide effective dry and damp dusting for hard to reach areas. The microfiber fabric offers excellent pickup power and is compliant with the most cleaning protocols. Compatible with Contec’s flexible foam Snake Duster and most existing hardware. Contec QuickConnect™ Handles are also available.


  • Ideal for hard to reach areas
  • Easily slips onto a variety of dusting frames
  • Disposable, clinically superior alternative to standard dust wands
  • Picks up and holds onto debris, rather than spreading it around
  • Conformable flexible foam Snake Duster reduces operator strain
Product Information
Part No. Description size Packaging Sample
Part No. PRMW0001 Description PREMIRA II Microfiber HighDuster Covers Size 20.5” x 3” (52 x 8cm) Packaging 100/bag
1 bag/case
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Part No. PRMH1001 Description Snake Duster, flexible foam Size 29.5" (75cm) Packaging 1/case Add Sample
Part No. 2758 Description Adapter, connects Snake Duster to QuickConnect Handles Size 5.35" x 0.9" (13.6 x 2.3cm) Packaging 1/case Add Sample
Part No. 2746 Description QuickConnect extendable handle, fiberglass Size 67.5"-130" (171-330cm) Packaging 1/case Add Sample
Part No. 2725E Description QuickConnect lightweight handle, stainless steel Size 60” (150cm) Packaging 1/case Add Sample
Part No. 2643 Description QuickConnect extendable handle, anodized aluminum Size 50”-92" (127-234cm) Packaging 1/case Add Sample