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Premira® Portables

Ready-to-Saturate Premira® Mop Pads Kit

The Premira® Portables Mop Pads Kit lets users customize their level of clean in a single convenient package. Each resealable pouch contains ten dry Premira® mop pads that can be saturated on demand. Simply pour the chosen chemistry directly over the dry pads in the pouch – no buckets, no hassles! The pouch can be resealed and easily carried from room to room, with less mess. When paired with our lightweight ZeroGravity hardware, Premira® Portables make cleaning quick and easy.


  • Resealable pouch allows mop pads to be saturated and stored between points of use

  • Saturation-on-demand helps reduce both chemical waste and bulky storage

  • Broad chemical compatibility

  • Single-use design helps decrease cross-contamination risk

  • No buckets. No spills. No hassles.





Product Information
Part No. Description size Packaging Sample
Part No. PRMP0001 Description Premira® Portables™ Size 5 x 19” (13x48cm) Packaging 10 mop pads/pouch
28 pouches/case
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Part No. PRMH8005 Description ZeroGravity™ Mop Frame, blue Size 17.5” (43cm) Packaging 6 frames/case Request Information
Part No. PRMH8013 Description ZeroGravity™ QuickChange Aluminum handle, with z-clip connector, 58” Size 58” (147cm) Packaging 1 handle/case Request Information
Part No. PRMH8014 Description ZeroGravity™ QuickChange Extendable Aluminum handle, with z-clip connector, 56” extends to 100” Size 56” to 100” (142cm-254cm) Packaging 1 handle/case Request Information
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