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SUREFLEX Flexible Mopping System

Designed to clean sensitive, curved equipment and surfaces

Contec Professional’s SureFlex mopping system is an innovative solution to the unique cleaning challenges of healthcare settings. With a nonferrous handle and mop frame, the system can be used safely on and around the sensitive hardware of large scanners such as MRI machines. The flexibility of the TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) mop frame allows it to conform neatly to the concave surfaces of large medical and processing equipment, as well as to coved flooring installations.

The SureFlex mop frame paired with the Premira® disposable mop pad offers the superior cleaning benefits of microfiber technology in an affordable, single-use format. The disposable pad works effectively as a dry duster or with disinfectants and cleaners. Operators may also apply cleaning chemicals directly to the Premira® disposable mop pad.


  • Curved mop head efficiently replaces cleaning curved surfaces by hand
  • Nonferrous hardware can be used around MRIs and magnetic sources
  • Disposable microfiber provides consistently better cleaning vs. launderables
  • Optimizes staff efficiency and ergonomics


Product Information
Part No. Description size Packaging Sample
Part No. PRMH8003 Description Handle, aluminum Size 20” (51cm) Packaging 1/case Request Information
Part No. PRMH8004 Description Handle, aluminum, telescoping Size 38” (97cm), extends to 64” (173cm) Packaging 1/case Request Information
Part No. 2706H Description SureFlex Flexible Mop Frame, blue TPE with Hook Size 15” (38cm) Packaging 1/case Request Information
Part No. PRMM0001 Description Premira® Disposable Microfiber mop pads Size 5 x 15.5” (13 x 39cm) Packaging 20 pads/bundle
12 bundles/case
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