Unifore Surface Wipes

Polypropylene Single-Use Wipes

Unifore™ Surface Wipes are ready-to-saturate, disposable cleaning wipes featuring a durable polypropylene construction. They effectively remove dirt while also delivering a consistent, uniform amount of chemistry to the surface being cleaned. Unifore can be used in your current cart’s wipe bucket or in the provided dispensing bucket with carrying handle. Made in the USA, Unifore Surface Wipes provide dependable performance while being an economical alternative to other disposable wipes or relaunderable rags.


  • Sturdy, low lint wipe ideal for general use
  • Single-use design helps reduce cross contamination
  • Unifore will not deactivate disinfectants, unlike relaundered rags
  • Refillable dispensing bucket offers easy way to saturate on demand







Product Information
Part No. Description size Packaging Sample
Part No. PRMW1480 Description Unifore™ Surface Wipes, quarter folded with refillable bucket Size 12” x 13” (30.5x33cm) Packaging 80 wipes/bundle
14 bundles/case
1 bucket/case
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Part No. PRMW1680 Description Unifore™ Surface Wipes, quarter-folded Size 12” x 13” (30.5x33cm) Packaging 80 wipes/bundle
16 bundles/case
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Part No. PRCN0005 Description Replacement bucket only (wipes not included), label provided upon request Size 1 gallon Packaging 1 bucket/case Request Information
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